Beer Man

CBS Sunday Morning wakes up with the Wynkoop

America will get a beery wake-up call on Sunday morning when CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood highlights the Wynkoop Brewing Company on its annual pre-Thanksgiving show, one that is typically dedicated to food and drinks.

The crew from the show was in Denver at the Wynkoop all day Tuesday, filming head brewer Andy Brown and the rest of the staff as they did their thing.

"They are doing a piece on how beer deserves more respect. What a wonderful topic," says Wynkoop spokesman Marty Jones, adding that he's a fan of the show and of Osgood's predecessor, Charles Kuralt. "It was a thrill of a lifetime to have them here and to shake hands with people who worked with Charles Kuralt. He was a hero of mine."

The segment is scheduled to air on November 21.