The sweet treats at Sweet Action are particularly sweet for vegans

Sweet Action won an award in the 2011 Best of Denver issue as Best Ice Cream for the Milk-Averse -- and for good reason. We can't think of another spot in Denver that offers ice cream (yes, actual ice cream) for vegans, aside from Cows Gone Coconut. So when we were feeling oppressed by the heat wave, Sweet Action promised sweet relief.

There's always a line at the shop, with families and couples and hipsters and hippies sampling their way down the line before making a decision and paying up. Even so, the line moves fast, and we did some sampling ourselves when it was our turn.

Sweet Action always carries at least two flavors of vegan ice cream; this past weekend, it was a peach ice cream (made with Palisade peaches) and a five-spice, both of which were delicious. There were also vegan ice-cream sandwiches (Sweet Action usually carries at least two), and assorted sorbets for those who don't do milk.

After sampling the peach and five-spice ice cream, we moved on to the sorbet. And the champagne white grape sorbet you see above won the day. Made with sparkling grape juice, it was light and sweet, packed full of flavor, with just the right amount of substance. (And the melted grape juice in the bottom of the cup bubbled, so we know they used the good stuff.)

But while the sorbet sold us this time, Sweet Action's vegan chai ice cream sandwiched between two Snickerdoodle cookies has got to be one of the greatest ice-cream sandwiches ever. Although it seemed a little heavy in the heat, this is one cool treat.

Sweet Action is located at 52 Broadway; call 303-282-4645 or visit