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The tax man cometh for Denver restaurants!

Your total comes to $7,386.

For evidence that times are tough, one need look no further than the eighteen-page section inserted in last Friday’s Denver Post recording the thousands of properties on which the city has filed liens for failure to pay back property taxes. It’s not just foreclosed homes, either. The smack-down also includes dozens of buildings housing some of Denver’s finest food and entertainment establishments.

The first, and saddest, is Café Star at 3201 East Colfax Avenue, which is listed as owing $7,386. Meanwhile, nightclub magnate Regas Christou owes $10,498 on the former Theatre Off Broadway building at 26 West Ellsworth Avenue, $19,888 on the 1000 Acoma home of Urban Roots, and a whopping $62,000 for 1033 Broadway, a onetime salon attached to his Bar Standard club.

Mama mia! The proprietors of Pasquini’s Pizzeria owe some $20,014 for buildings surrounding their 1310 South Broadway location. Over in LoDo, the building that until last year housed Italian eatery Il Forniao is up to $41,984 in debt to the city. Building owner Some Place on Wazee, LLC also owes $55,375 for taxes on 1625 Wazee. The company is registered to Oxford Hotel owner Charles Callaway. – Jared Jacang Maher