Openings and Closings

Silver Mine Subs tapped out in Denver

"Around 1996, two guys were sitting around discussing their future. It was soon decided to leave the Midwest and travel to the base of the Rockies to seek fame and fortune, and that's when they developed a 'nugget' of an idea for a fast food operation," says the Silver Mine Subs website "A little over ten years later, Silver Mine Subs is serving customers in more than 20 locations nationwide in six states, and expanding nationally."

But it's contracting in Denver. While there are still three shops in Fort Collins and the web site promises one opening soon in Boulder, both the stores at 1228 East Colfax Avenue and 700 Colorado Boulevard (right next to the new Snooze) have closed their doors.

And while one Fort Collins worker says that he's heard those stores may reopen, the numbers are still disconnected -- and two calls to co-founder and press wrangler Lance Jones at the Silver Mine headquarters in Fort Collins have gone unanswered.