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Reader: Celebrity chef shows are more about drama than true talent

Jenna Johansen got the boot from Bravo's Around the World in 80 Plates this week, after making it through seven countries -- and countless challenges. "When I came on to this competition, I thought this would be an adventure, and I thought that there would be a lot more cooking," she told Lori Midson. "Now I realize it's a definitely a game more than a culinary competition, and that's a little disappointing to me, because now I see that there's a chance that the person who wins this may not be the best chef. I'm taking this personally, for sure."

Says Mo Smith:

Great interview, Lori, and great responses from the chef. These reality shows are definitely more about drama and games than true talent, and I'm sure there's creative editing. I have had the privilege of eating Chef Jenna's food many times and watched her work while sitting at the chef's counter while she was at Dish. Yes, she knows how to run a real kitchen and turn out exceptional food and can speak more languages than you, so deal with it. Why is it that strong, driven, and talented women are still labeled as "abrasive" (even by other women), but men with the same characteristics are "assertive?" (Note: By "you" I'm referring to the other back-stabby chefs on the show, not the author of this Q&A.)

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