Watercourse happy hour slings cheap drinks and good eats

The Place: Watercourse Foods, 837 East Seventeenth Avenue, 303-832-7313.

The Hours: Monday through Friday from 4 until 6:30 p.m.

The Deal: Draft beers are $2.50; red and white wines by the glass are $4; select appetizers are $5.

The Digs: Upon setting foot in Watercourse Foods, you're immediately confronted with a bakery counter, a bar, an expansive dining room and patio and a funky vibe where tattooed hipsters mingle with patchouli-laden hippies. It's pretty pleasant, if you're into that sort of thing. The restaurant is airy and minimally decorated, the patio opens to cars whizzing by on Seventeenth Avenue and the atmosphere is fresh and vibrant.

The Verdict: Everyone has something to say about a restaurant that doesn't bring any meat whatsoever through it's doors. But the thing about Watercourse that would be difficult to argue about, is the happy hour. Simple, yet satisfying, we found that sitting around with a few beers and some delicious and generously-portioned cheap snacks provided ultimate decompression. The draft beer selection includes fabulous local pours like Great Divide's Collette for under three bucks, and the food is tasty and filling, save for the underwhelming roasted eggplant bruschetta. The sweet chili egg rolls were delicious, as were the seitan wings -- an interesting version of the traditional hot sauce and bleu cheese mess of deliciousness. The staff is easygoing and incredibly friendly, and we'd gladly go back for seconds.

Overall Grade: B+