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2012 food trends? Cafe Society will be cooking up plenty during a two-day break

Westword ho, ho, ho.

Cafe Society will be busy in the kitchen through December 25, but we'll be cooking up plenty of tasty stories for when we return early on December 26. And in the meantime, we're leaving you some holiday food for thought in this post by Jenn Wohletz, on "Five food trends that need to die with 2012." See also: - Five food trends that need to die with 2012 - Five chain restaurant trends that need to continue in 2013

Says Raquel:

i know nothing of food trends, i just hope i can change my diet of peanut butter and ramen next year. that means i hope i can afford food....

If you have food trends -- or personal situations -- you'd like to see disappear along with 2012, post them below, or join the conversation already under way here. And watch for still more good trend stories starting December 26.