Patio of the Day

We All Scream for Little Man Ice Cream

Sign of the times: The hot evening of July 6, that fateful day when Colorado liquor stores could finally open on Sunday, the lines were much longer outside Little Man Ice Cream than they were at Tejon Liquors, just a block away.

And with temperatures slated to hit triple digits today, Little Man can expect an even bigger crowd. The old-style ice cream can, a 28-foot-high instant landmark built in a lot at 2620 16th Street (beside the building that's home to Lola, which has one of Denver's very best decks, particularly if you like your icy treats with tequila in them), opened on July 3, and its outdoor patio quickly became a hot spot for cool treats. Little Man offers between 16 and 24 flavors a day, all created by Kirsten Maldeis, and also sells baked goods and other goodies.

Little Man delivers the scoop between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. seven days a week.