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New Belgium Spoke opens today at DIA

Last we heard, New Belgium Spoke -- a cafe, newsstand and grab-and-go concession that would feature New Belgium beer on Concourse A -- was slated to open early this fall, after delays pushed back the date from May.

Early fall meant late summer: Laura Coale, spokeswoman for DIA, says the new spot opens today.

The restaurant, which is a sibling of the New Belgium Hub on Concourse B, is located near gate A 61. That end of the concourse is built for smaller planes and express jets and features no other options for food and drinks. The Spoke will give waiting travelers a choice of sandwiches, salads and coffee, as well as a small bar featuring a number of New Belgium beers on tap.

Which should offer a brief moment of solace before boarding a cramped airplane. Plus, if it's as good as the Hub -- one of our favorite dining options on Concourse B -- it'll be a good reason for other Concourse A passengers to trek down to the end of the hallway, too.