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Reader: Don't blame the cupcake! Blame the bad bakers!

Kris Padalino is one smart cookie. "I have degrees in biology and math and wanted to go to med school and become an anesthesiologist," says Padalino. But she had other interests, too. "I paint, and I like food a lot," she explains, "so I started baking cakes for fun and reading up on pastry chefs, and I was so struck by the creativity of their pieces that I was completely blown away and realized that I could be stuck in a lab all day long or go to culinary school and at least learn the basics of pastry." So she attended Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, then worked in restaurants in California before moving to Denver last year -- and winding up as the pastry chef at Bittersweet. Where she's not a fan of cupcakes.

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She revealed that in the first half of her Chef and Tell interview yesterday -- and the response was immediate.

Says Tiffany:

Cupcakes are awesome... tiny little cakes. The problem is most "cupcake" places make shitty ones.

Applauds Meghan:

Yay! Someone SAID IT! Thank jeebus. Can we get back to real baking now?
Kris Padalino already has. Read more about the pastry chef at Bittersweet when the second half of Chef and Tell is posted here later today.

Read the first part of the Padalino interview -- with plenty of cupcake comments -- here. And let's ice this cake: Tell us how you feel about the cupcake fad below.