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Bring Out the Gelman's

The kitchen had done an okay job cooking the fried chicken -- but it had also slipped in some ginger, which I didn't appreciate. Yes, the ginger had been mentioned on the menu, but not emphasized. At least, not enough. There should've been more warning. The menu description should have shouted, in all caps, something like "fried chicken WITH MOTHERFUCKING GINGER and mashed potatoes."

Fried chicken by itself is a wonderful thing. Fried chicken with ginger is just fried chicken with ginger. In other words, wrong.

That's just a taste of what I have to say in this week's Cafe review of Gelman's Market and Bistro. Hungry for more? Pick up the October 19 issue — or come back to this website later today for a heaping helping of my opinions. And then dish out your own. Love the place or hate it, let me know. Love my review or hate it, same thing. Who knows? If blogging works the way it's supposed to (and I still have very mixed feelings on that subject), maybe we can get a dialogue going. — Jason Sheehan