Pho Vy's vegetarian pho comforts the south suburbs

Pho is delicious year-round, but we're coming up on the time of the planet's rotation around the sun when it's particularly satisfying: fall and winter. There are a few places in the metro area that offer this Vietnamese noodle soup made with vegetable broth instead of the default beef mixture, including Pho Vy in Centennial.

Pho Vy is always busy on weekdays, when cubicle warriors from the nearby office parks and savvy shoppers escaping the food court flock to one of the only restaurants near Park Meadows that isn't a chain (there's another Pho Vy in Parker). The rich colors inside belie the reasonable prices on the menu.

Make that menus. There's a vegetarian version that lists both a vegetarian noodle bowl and pho. A generous helping of thin rice noodles floats in the savory vegetable broth, along with bite-sized pieces of celery, carrots, broccoli, baby corn and onions. The tofu in this pho is cut into thin triangles and fried; it keeps its crisp texture in the soup while subtly absorbing the flavors of the surrounding ingredients and liquid. Loaded up with basil, bean sprouts, sriracha sauce and some squirts of lime, the soup is a filling and cheap lunch for those days when nothing but pho will do.

Pho Vy is located at 8283 South Akron Street #140 in Centennial; for more information, call 303-792-2200 or visit