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Dick's Hickory Dock could make a comeback

At this past weekend's auction for the former Dick's Hickory Dock in Kittredge, Hamid Motarjemi made the winning bid of $247,500.

This will be his fourth project in the area. He started in 2000 with 2101 Champa, which he renovated and turned into Club Boca. Then in 2003 he bought the building at 1515 Marion Street that had been a number of restaurants, and today is the Kinga Lounge. "That's turned out to be pretty successful," Motarjemi says. So successful that he renovated the garage next door at 1521 Marion into what's now Tooey's, which won Best New Bar honors in the Best of Denver 2009.

And what will he do with the Dick's Hickory Dock property, which is right between the river and Highway 74? "It's a really nice setting," he says."Somebody with a little imagination could do well with it."

After he cleans up and repairs the place, that is. "Right now I'm investigating keeping the name as Dick's Hickory Dock," Motarjemi adds. "But if I don't have a tenant, I might open it myself. Something fun, with not-too-expensive food.

"Regardless, it will not sit empty."