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Ask the Critic: Back to basics

When this Ask the Critic thing started, it was with a very simple conceit: that I would use this space to answer some of the myriad questions about the Denver food scene that come across my desk every week.

Wait, "myriad" means "four," right? No? Damn...

Anyway, over the past few weeks (or months), I have strayed from the original intent of Ask the Critic and begun using it to field all sorts of questions. Some of which have been mind. Some of which have actually been about food, although others have been about zombies, too. But this week, I've decided to go back in time and do an Ask the Critic the way god (and my editor) originally intended: One question, from a reader, to be answered by you folks out there in Hotcakesland.

This week's question comes from Food King--winner of last week's nearly-goddamn-impossible (or so I thought) Guess Where I'm Eating double-challenge. He asked, quite simply: "Know any place where I can get Hong Kong style roast goose? That would be prize enough."

So whad'ya say, folks? Anyone out there able to help Food King out?