The Second Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Fantasy Draft: What dishes would you pick?

It's that time of year again: Time to gather around a table of people you don't know or don't like, shovel uninspiring food into your face and then retire to the couch and wait for the Tryptophan to get working.

But what if it wasn't that way? What if you could build your perfect meal? Last year, I enlisted both of my friends, Melissa and Vince, for the first-ever Thanksgiving Dinner Fantasy Draft.

Commenters determined that Melissa dominated those festivities; now it's time for redemption. With 27 dishes on the table, we randomly selected a draft order*, then picked foods until they were gone. The objective: Amass the best complement of dishes to help make it through Thanksgiving without stabbing anyone.

Who won? You be the judge.

*In the tradition of fantasy drafts, the order "snakes" -- so while Melissa won the first pick, she'll draft last in Round 2, and so on.