Cafe Society

Gluten-Free Food Fair

Forget low-carb; those with celiac disease, the most common genetic autoimmune disease, have to pay attention to every kind of tasty gluten (wheat, rye, and oats) product they’re offered or risk severe illness, not just severe damage to their waistline.

Luckily, the Denver metro chapter of CSA (Celiac Sprue Association) gives support and dietary information to those with celiac disease, and on Saturday, June 14 it will sponsor its 2nd Annual Vendor Fair at the El Jebel Oasis -- a event center near Arvada at 4625 West 50th Avenue.

Tasty gluten-free food and recipes will be offered from 10-12:30, and all are welcome. If you can’t make this event, CSA holds meetings on even-numbered months, generally during the first week of the month. Check out for more information.

-- James Anthofer