The British Bulldog: A Pakistani/bangers and mash mashup

A century ago, the building that now houses the British Bulldog was a popular boxing club called the Punch Bowl. When the place was transformed into a beer-and-burger joint, it kept that name -- and a loyal clientele of cops, lawyers and other downtown denizens -- for decades. But during the 1990s, it was briefly -- and unfortunately -- turned into the Punch Bowl Baja Grill, then the Stout Pub. In 2006, it was transformed into the Bulldog, and Pakistan native Isaac James worked with then-chef Thomas Cortez to create a British/Pakistani fusion menu. When Little Pub Company proprietor Mark Berzins added the bar to his cadre of local pubs in 2008, he kept that menu. Was that a good idea?

For this week's review, I ate at this link in a local chain -- Little Pub now has close to twenty spots around town -- and tried both the Pakistani offerings and the U.K. staples. I'm happy to report that the bangers and mash -- the Brit equivalent of meatloaf and mashed potatoes here in the U.S.-- were undoubtedly delicious.

And what of the rest? Read all about it when the review is posted here later today.