In search of Denver's best cupcakes: A photo diary of one man's journey

By Ryan DeWitt

The inspiration for this venture stemmed from getting burnt out on the city's ice cream/froyo/gelato scene -- specifically from eating far too much of it all. Essentially, I needed something else to appease my sugar and sweets addiction. Enter cupcakes. My thinking was this: Cupcakes have so many variables to take into account -- the cake, frosting and toppings -- that I knew I could eat these for a long time before ever having to try the same one twice.

Denver's cupcake scene completely shocked me. I'd heard about a few different places, but I really had no idea of the number of cupcake joints we had in Denver. The toughest part of this journey was choosing among the vast ocean of options -- between old faithfuls like chocolate-on-vanilla, vanilla-on-chocolate and red velvet vs. more creative cupcakes like Nutella or salted peanut. And then there were all the cereal-laced choices.

The results of my gluttonous efforts are compiled into one handy-dandy essential cupcake guide. Hail frosting!

Heavenly Cakes 3559 West 44th Avenue; 303-433-0747 Score: 7/10 Price: $1.75 for a large cupcake

This cupcake was a complete Cinderella story, mostly because I didn't necessarily expect too much from this small, wedding cake-intensive shop, but man did it make me smile. From the first bite to the last, this monster cupcake had a terrific strawberry flavor and the light and fluffy whipped cream topping was the perfect accompaniment.