Bartender Sean Kenyon has a few words of advice for his peers: shield the armpits!

It shouldn't be about what you wear, right? According to Sean Kenyon, the barman behind the Squeaky Bean and Williams & Graham, it absolutely should be about that, especially if you're one of those tenders who takes to wearing a "hipster" tank top when you're slinging drinks behind the stick.

Late last night, presumably after leaving an offending watering hole, Kenyon tweeted that he's not interested in focusing his gaze on your armpits, and judging from the responses to said tweet, which you can read below, he's not alone.

And that got us thinking...about fashion statements. When is it okay -- and not okay -- to expose your sweaty (and in some cases, frighteningly hairy) pits to the people you serve? What about nose rings? Tongue studs? Bare (or beer) bellies illustrated with tattoos? Glitter eye shadow shimmering below eyebrow piercings? Blue hair? Botox lips?

In other words, when you walk into a bar -- or a restaurant -- how much does the appearance of the staff matter to you? Or, unless they're picking their nose, or picking their teeth, should it matter at all?