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Guess where I'm eating? (And it's not Johnson's Corner)

Johnson's Corner, the classic truck stop just past the Berthoud exit on I-25, went through a major renovation a few years back that completely changed the joint, removing much of its '50s charm -- although we still considered it worthy of Guy Fieri's attentions on a recent Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives pass through Colorado.

But one thing remains the same: the Johnson's Corner cinnamon roll, touted as "world famous," and with good reason.

But now you don't need to drive 45 minutes to pick up one of these monsters.

Guess where I found a Johnson's Corner cinnamon roll at 5 a.m. this morning? It was just $2.49 -- a bargain for just 1140 calories!

Good thing the rolls served at the truck stop don't come with a side of "Nutrition Facts."

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