There's Beer Yoga brewing in Colorado Springs

Perhaps, in the distant past, beer drinkers looked down their red, shiny noses at alfalfa sprout-munching yoga lovers, while those body-mind-and-soul spiritual types disdainfully ignored the smelly hopheads. But not anymore.

The Bristol Brewing Company has created a place for everyone to come together, first in the downward dog position and then in the down-a-Laughing-Lab position. It's called Beer Yoga and it starts this Sunday, May 31, at 11 a.m.

"It is kind of an unusual concept, but you know, microbrewing is an unusual industry, and everyone brings some of their own flavor," says Laura Long, a marketing and events specialist who calls herself Bristol's Beerocrat. For $10, attendees also get a free water and a post-workout beer -- maybe even a Laughing Lab, Bristol's signature Scottish ale. Guy-friendly and geared toward beginners, the class takes place in the Bristol Tasting Room, 1647 South Tejon Street in Colorado Springs, which opens at noon to the public.

The idea for the class came about because one of Bristol's bartenders, "Beer Ninja" Robyn Masters, is also a yogi, teaching yoga classes in Colorado Springs. "Every time Robyn and I have been hanging out drinking beer, she'll start doing poses, and I'll start imitating her, and its really fun," Long says. As for the class, she says, "It's not there to make people feel bad about what they've done to their bodies, but to celebrate life."

And yoga actually fits in well with microbrewing. "The industry in general has a very good conscious," Long explains. "People are paying attention to their carbon footprints and to what their impact is on the community. It's a close-knit industry."

Still, she warns, it's probably best not to try some of the more challenging moves after a couple of pints.