Word of Mouth

Stellar service at Cafe Star

The customer was always right at Cafe Star Sunday.

I went to Cafe Star, at 3201 East Colfax Avenue, last night with my friend, Cathy, for the Sunday night special. It's a great deal: $12 for either a pizza or pasta entree with a glass of wine. Cathy's a vegetarian, and since there was no vegetarian choice on the special menu, the waitress (who's also the manager) told her she could to substitute mushrooms or whatever for the pancetta on her pizza.

But when the pizzas came to the table, our waitress was absolutely red-faced -- mad and embarrassed at the same time -- because the chef had refused to do any substitutions on the special menu. She apologized, Cathy said it was okay, and we ate our dinners. Which were fine.

But that's just the start of the story.

When we asked for the check, our waitress brought it -- as well as a pizza box. She told us the steaming hot pizza inside was going to be one of next week's Sunday-night specials; would we mind taking it and letting them know what we thought of it? And then she gave us the bill -- and it turned out she'd only charged us for one meal (she'd called the owner to get the okay).

So we wound up with two dinners, two glasses of wine and today's lunch for only twelve bucks. More important, we wound up very impressed by the stellar treatment we'd received at Cafe Star. -- Susan Froyd