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Reader: Torta Grill delivers real bang for the buck

Some new restaurants open with big publicity campaigns and wind up delivering little but disappointment. Not Torta Grill. Opened by Steve Clifton and his wife, Ardeni, in the former Pineapple Grill space at 1818 East Colfax Avenue on June 1, Torta Grill is tiny -- but delivers big.

And it's already inspired fans.

Says Charles:

I work a few doors down at the Squire from these folks and can only say great things about them. The food is amazing and a bang for the buck. I come from Southern California, where mexican food is abundant, but they put a special touch on everything. I waited patiently for a month to get a taste of what they were going to provide and was more than overwhelmed with their results. The fresh juices and fruit cocktails are great and refreshing on top of the amazing tortas that they make. Do not become impatient with the time it takes to receive your order, they cook to order and have only 4 people working at max. They're well worth the wait and as I think they become more accustomed to the "fax" of life, they will get faster. This is custom food at a very unorthodox price and approach of friendliness. Steve and Ardeni are a welcome sight to the neighborhood and I encourage you to give them a chance.

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