Word of Mouth

More From Mel's

There's a lot of action over at Mel's on Sixth Avenue, which is in the process of changing names and management. And then there's this odd e-mail from Mel, Jane and Charlie Masters making the rounds, which invites recipients to "Become a Mel's Bistro Truffle Hound"!

The details, in their entirety:

We have a great proposal for you to consider regarding Mel's Bistro on 6th Avenue. We are trying to raise a bit of cash to make some improvements to the restaurant including the addition of an outside patio on the West of the building so you will be able to watch the sunsets while enjoying our great value food and Charlie's new drinks program.

We would like to offer you a $1,000 "truffle hound" membership in Mel's Bistro! The $1,000 would give you a .5% (half of one percentage) ownership in the restaurant plus have the same amount in dining privileges at the restaurant. The only restriction would be that the $1,000 dining privilege could only be used in increments of $100 at a time for each visit and be valid for one year.

We want to limit each subscriber to a maximum of $5,000 so that everyone gets a chance at ownership of this neighborhood jewel and it would be on a first come, first serve basis.

Please help us to up-date and improve summer dining enjoyment. We need your help soonest so that for the rest of the summer and fall you will be able to reap rewards from the improvements. This offer is good until July 21st 2008.

But the Masters are going to have to do more than raise money to make that patio a reality. According to the City of Denver. LHL Partnership DBA Melvino's at 1120 East Sixth Avenue has a hearing slated at 10 a.m. July 15 before the Denver Board of Adjustment for Zoning Appeals, regarding the "appeal of a denial of a permit to operate an eating place with an outdoor eating area within 50 feet of an R-2 residential district, in a B-2 zone." -- Patricia Calhoun