Beer Man

Dads & Dudes Breweria sets opening-day plans

Dads & Dudes Breweria, a new pizzeria and brewpub in Aurora, 6730 South Cornerstar Way, is planning to open on November 1, after having to push back its first day by a week.

Once it opens, the father-and-son team of Tom and Mason Hembree will toss pizza made from the spent grain of the beer-brewing process. They also plan to serve beers made by local homebrewers and to deliver their beer along with pizza around town. "We are not just a brewery. We are not just a pizzeria. We are a Breweria," notes the website.

But in order to get that beer delivered to your doorstep, customers will likely have to become part of a "delivery club" in which they'll need to to verify their ages and agree to certain terms.

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