Word of Mouth

La Villa Real and the old-school loncheras

We're just about to say goodbye to 2010, but we're betting that this year's top trend, the new-school food trucks that hit the pavement in Denver, will be holding on through 2011.

Before those trucks were even a twinkle in their owners' eyes, though, there was another fleet of mobile vendors in Denver: the original lonchera owners.

This month I decided to track down the owners of La Villa Real, a pair of food trucks that have been selling tacos and gorditas for over a decade in Denver. The husband-and-wife team behind the operation have navigated the rules and roads that paved the way for the new fleet of vendors. But they also contributed to that new fleet more tangibly, selling Josh Wolkon the vehicle that would become the Steuben's Food Service Truck. Tomorrow, the story of La Villa Real will be posted here along with a slide show, providing a window into the old-school loncheras that continue to rule parts of Denver's streets.

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