Cafe Society

Lovely Confections will soon cart its cupcakes to the 16th Street Mall

Early next month, Porche Lovely, the master baker of Lovely Confections, the cupcake bakery at 1489 Steele Street, is taking her cupcakes to the street -- specifically the 16th Street Mall, where she will unmask a street cart.


"I've got the permit and the location, but I still have to get the design approved," says Lovely, whose whimsical mobile confectionery will be parked at 16th and Welton streets. "It's a red wooden trailer that, at the moment, looks like the kind of thing that you'd haul around with sandbags, but I've got big plans to make it pretty with bright colors and really cute graphics."

Lovely, whose cupcakes are baked with local, organic ingredients procured from Grant Family Farms, where she gets her eggs, raspberries, rhubarb, bacon and myriad other items, plans to feature a dozen flavors at a time, including a cupcake of the day.

But that's not all: She'll also turn out mini-cupcakes, cookies and possibly macaroons and brownies. "There are a whole lot of people downtown," she says, "but there's really nowhere to get really great baked goods, and our products are scratch-made using the best ingredients we can find, so it's a great opportunity for us to get our product out to more people and to have fun with some different things."

While the cupcake cart will be Lovely's first foray into the mobile-food movement, she has other street food carts in the works -- but she's not divulging exactly what she'll roll out in the future. "You'll have to wait and see," she teases.