Mustard's Last Stand has veggie items worth relishing

A hot-dog stand might not be the first place you'd think of when looking for vegetarian and vegan fare, but Mustard's Last Stand has learned a lot of new tricks over its forty years. We recently visited the location near the University of Denver and found plenty to relish on the menu, including dogs, burgers and chili fries.

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You'd expect this location to get lots of business on school days, but it's also packed on weekends. When we stopped by, the line stretched to the door; every table inside was claimed -- and some of the bar space lining the windows, too.

Although Mustard's offers the Vienna beef hot dogs so famous in Chicago, the vegetarian menu is substantial. The staff grills the veggie fare separately to keep it from mingling with those famous Vienna beef hot dogs. And no matter how busy they are, they're happy to answer any questions you might have about what's what. Pictured above is the basic soy-based hot dog, which comes served on a poppyseed bun and topped with mustard, tomato, pickle and sauerkraut; it's a decent vegan dog.

The veggie Italian sausage is even better; it comes with grilled peppers and onions and marinara sauce on the sausage. Another tasty option is the tempeh burger. As with everything at Mustard's, you can order whatever you want on this bad boy; we chose cheddar cheese, sauerkraut and the regular fixings -- tomato, pickle, relish and mustard. No matter what else you order at Mustard's, make sure you ask for a side of the chili fries. The potatoes are fresh- cut and fried (and you can tell -- they're delicious), then smothered with the eatery's vegetarian (and vegan) chili. You can ask for them with shredded cheddar cheese, or keep them vegan without the cheese.

Mustard's Last Stand II is at 2081 South University Boulevard. Visit