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Open exactly one month, Skew skids to a close after employees allegedly steal from owner

Weird. Just weird. That was the overriding observation last night at Skew, the globalized food-on-a-stick restaurant that Ton Phairatphibon opened at 2070 South University Boulevard exactly one month ago.

A small crowd, assembled on the patio, puffed on smokes, shook their heads in unison and talked quietly among themselves, looking for answers. "It's just incredibly weird," mused one man. "Really weird," echoed another.

They were there for a "shut down" party; Phairatphibon closed Skew last night, and, in celebratory commiseration, was offering free food and alcohol to anyone and everyone hankering for one last skewer, one last drop of booze.

Restaurants come and go for a myriad of different reasons, but Skew's closure was not only one of the quickest shutterings in the history of Denver restaurantdom, but also one of the most bizarre.