Word of Mouth

Wafflich is on vacation until February

The space now occupied by Scatch Burrito and Happy Tap, which we review this week, once held Shazz Café, an ambitious restaurant that chef Benny Kaplan opened in late 2008. But his hyper-local shrine to innovative cuisine just didn't make it in that location, and he closed the place in August 2011, swearing he was out of the ownership game. A year later, he was eating his words when he opened Wafflich, a sandwich and ice cream joint in a tiny space at 4166 Tennyson Street.

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That spot has been a hit - such a hit that Kaplan is taking the month of January off, closing Wafflich until February 1 "for vacation," as the sign on the door reads.

And that's convenient, because the makers of Sweet Action ice cream, which is a big draw at Wafflich, have also taken the month off; their Sweet Action store at 52 Broadway is closed until February 1.