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Reader: Be in bed at 2:30 and you will avoid any shootings

A shooting early Monday morning outside of Cold Crush -- the art/music bar at 2700 Larimer Street that we named one of the ten best new bars of 2013 and the Best Hip-Hop Hangout in the Best of Denver 2014 -- has prompted a heated discussion of when you shouldn't hang out in certain parts of town. See also: Cold Crush site of shooting that injures three, one critically

Says John:

Someone asked "what could they do to ensure their safety in downtown Denver?" DUH!! Don't be in LoDo at 2:30 am with a bunch of drunks and thugs!!!
Technically, Cold Crush is in the Ballpark neighborhood -- our Best New Restaurant Neighborhood in the Best of Denver 2014 -- on the edge verging into RiNo.

But Dave Barnes has a blanket list of late-night spots to avoid:

Why anyone is out and about at 0230 is beyond me.

Stay home and be in bed at that hour and you will not be participating in any shootings

What Denver neighborhoods do you avoid -- and at what hours? Is there a restaurant you won't go to because of the area where it's located?