First Look

Last night: The girls of Big Fat Cupcake launch a calendar to help fight breast cancer

Kathleen Nevin, a breast-cancer survivor and owner of Big Fat Cupcake, held a party last night at Second Home to celebrate the release of her Big Fat Cupcake calendar and to raise funds for the Big Fat Cupcake Foundation, which assists cancer patients who need help paying their mortgage or rent -- something Nevin found herself in need of.

In a tent filled with smartly dressed men and beautiful women were large reproductions of the ladies who'd posed for the Big Fat Cupcake calendar, pieces that were then sold in a silent auction to raise funds for the foundation. Pink lights and pink cupcakes adorned the surrounding area.

Nevin shows her sheer will and determination to overcome the odds with every batch of confections she puts in the Big Fat Cupcake display case. And with the crowd that gathered to buy the calendar-girl prints, she proclaimed this to be a Big Fat Cupcake success.