White Fence Farm a Finalist for Top Family Friendly Restaurant

Do kids belong in restaurants? They do at White Fence Farm, which was just named one of the country's ten finalists in the new Top Family Friendly Restaurants contest hosted by US. Foods. And while White Fence Farms may not boast the eatertainment extravaganza of Casa Bonita, it actually serves decent food -- at least if you stick with what's arguably the town's best best fried chicken, "the one thing White Fence does really, really well," Jason Sheehan wrote in his review of White Fence Farm. See also: Five Reasons to Ban Disruptive Children From Restaurants "Seriously, the best," Sheehan wrote. "There are chefs around Denver who swear by the place, who'll brave the shrieking children and walk the gauntlets of shlock just for that ginormous plate of fried bird. Who know that sometimes, finding the best of anything means suffering the worst of something else."

Next week a "Food Fanatic" chef from US Foods will visit the finalists, all US Foods customers that applied for this honor and made it through a panel of culinary experts. "The fact that White Fence Farm has its own petting zoo was definitely very unique and helped it to stand out," saysJessica Patrick, spokeswoman for the contest.

Whatever information the Food Fanatic chef gleans from his on-site visit will be shared with that panel. Let's hope White Fence Farm gives him the bird.

The top five winners will be announced September 2.