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Reader: Taking your kids out to eat can be a disaster

Where do you take a toddler in Denver? Not to the Village at Edgewater, not anymore, not since the "soft play-cafe" closed this summer, after a noble attempt to provide a family-friendly environment.

So where do you take a toddler in town? You stay home, suggests Dan5280:

Had I known about this place, I would have brought my tot and given it a shot (with booze? Pun intended). I mean, it sounds like a disaster for someone without kids, but every parent knows how much of a disaster taking their little-one's out can be...which is why a lot of us end up eating great food at lunch and pretty much stay home in the evenings, cooking with the family.

Sorry to hear they didn't make it....

If it didn't take this Village to feed a kid, what family-friendly options in town really work?