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Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer and his petition to save the Denver Cupcake Trucks from bureaucracy and red tape

Unless you've been coffined in frosting, you've no doubt heard that Clyde and Clementine, the Denver Cupcake Trucks, have gone dormant -- at least for the month of January, all because of a kerfuffle between owners and bakers Sean and Denon Moore and Denver's Planning and Zoning Department, which, according to the Moores, has essentially stopped the cupcake wheels from spinning.

The Denver Cupcake Trucks had been on the road since spring of last year, and according to the Moores, they were told by the Department of Excise and Licenses that the trucks were "free to park anywhere in town, as long as it was legal, at least 200 feet from a competing business and didn't impede pedestrian or street traffic." License in place, the Moores were off and roaming.

But late last year, the trucks were stopped dead in their cake crumbs. "In November and December, we were hassled over and over by zoning and code enforcers, learning we were not allowed to carry on as we had all spring and summer. After questioning the city employees that approached the truck, who made threats of tickets and 'mandatory' court, the answers we got were vague, gray and sometimes unavailable," write the Moores on their blog, which chronicles the drama -- and poses lingering questions.

Why, they wonder, were they not informed by Excise and Licenses of their obligations? How, they ask, were they able to get the license in the first place? "We are setting off to get informed and possibly encourage some change. The modern food truck movement that has swept across America and into Denver needs to be mobile, not stationary," insist the Moores.

Why the couple waits for answers, mayoral candidate Chris Romer is jumping into the fray, using his official website,, to champion the Denver Cupcake cause. "Bureaucracy and red tape in city government need to be cut when its standing in the way of delicious treats. Who's day isn't better with a cupcake?" he deadpans.

While Romer clearly needs a bit of help when it comes to the use of "its" and "it's" and "who's" and "whose," he apparently has a fetish for cupcakes, going so far as to create a petition to "Save the Cupcake Truck." According to the Denver Cupcake Truck Facebook page, which has nearly 8,500 fans, Romer will hand-deliver the petition to city officials once they've amassed 10,000 signatures.

While this mess gets sorted out, the Moores will continue to sell cupcakes from Cake Crumbs Bakery, their four-year-old storefront at 2216 Kearney Street, and at private and public events to which they've been invited.

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