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Reader: Westword should not be a platform for "such and such local small business sucks"

Lori Midson has been writing about food longer than a certain decades-old deli has been serving, so when she stopped by this former Best of Denver award-winner for lunch and was presented with a sandwich featuring bread straight from the freezer (see above), it left her cold...and she shared her dismay with readers.

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Says Anthony:

Leave the establishment bashing/defamation to Yelp. Quit acting like the NY Post, the last time I checked Rupert Murdoch hasn't bought out Westword (yet) so quit giving us the impression that it has been....

Did you yourself eat it and testify for it? An individual stating an opinion, but when you get into publications especially when you don't caveat it with that whole "this opinion does not represent blah blah insert publication's owners etc opinion" is where things get murky. When you go to a place and you see a best of Westword plaque on the wall most people immediately think/expect more from said eatery etc. That's called a preconceived notion. Now when you see/hear of the establishment mentioned in the article AFTER reading it that too is a preconceived notion which you can already see working based on other comments already made, obviously detracting from potential business. The difference is word of mouth from just anyone is one thing (hence my yelp reference) and you can peruse and make your own judgment henceforth.... HOWEVER; when a publication does the same thing it's reaching out to a much larger audience, putting the establishment on blast with a digital megaphone.

Long story short I was under the impression that Westword is a publication geared towards Denver metro stuff highlighting what's new, fun, etc yada yada, not a platform to yell out "SUCH AND SUCH LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS SUCKS BUT INSTEAD OF BEING DIRECT ABOUT IT LETS SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN GUESS WHICH PLACE SUCKS, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU PICKED THE CORRECT SHITTY PLACE!" All while hurting potential business for other establishments guessed by other people because of other solicited negative preconceived notions. Can you see where I'm going with this? Is the author a recognized/known/respected food critic? Is that stated? Or is it just as worthless as the next "top ten hipster places in Denver" article written by Joe shmoe based off personal ungrounded, unsubstantiated biases? These types of articles in general (this one, the hipster articles among all the other bullshit) is no different than the same type of Buzzfeed bullshit user submitted buzzword articles generated for little more than a spike in web traffic. These kinds of things are journalism 101.

Former restaurant reviewer for both 5280 and the Rocky Mountain News, with bylines in many national publications, Lori Midson is definitely a "recognized/known/respected food critic" who's qualified to assess a sandwich. But aside from that, do you agree with this commenter -- and others -- who think Guess Where should only take readers to spots where the dish was delicious?