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Reader: Let the Chads and Brittanys stay on the lower end of Larimer

The area up the street used to be full of pawn shops and dive bars -- the kind of places that were once in the 1400 block of Larimer before it was transformed into Larimer Square. But now the kind of developments we've see there -- including several of the twelve best restaurants on Larimer Street -- are also popping up along the twenty blocks to the northeast. We catalogued many of the spots that now occupy the twenty blocks of Denver's former skid row, including many of the fifteen best bars on Larimer. But not everyone welcomes the changes. See also: Fifteen best bars on Larimer Street, Twelve best restaurants on Larimer Street

Says Morgan:

Great, let all the LoDo assholes know about the cool shit down Larimer. I think a lot of us prefer the Chads and Brittanys to stay on one side of Broadway. Ugh. Unfortunately, though, I think the takeover has already begun.
What do you think of the changes on the upper stretches of Larimer Street? What are your favorite spots? Your least favorite?