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Reader: Denver's a city now, so there are lines -- and not just at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's opened in Colorado -- with three locations -- a dozen days ago, and our scouts report short (if any) lines down south, medium lines in Boulder, and a traffic snarl at the Eighth and Colorado store. But while the lots might be full, the shelves were laid bare early on, and only now are being restocked to a semblance of the Trader Joe's cornucopia that fans know and love. A cornucopia worth the wait, according one reader. See also: Photos of Trader Joe's, finally open in Colorado

Says lynnxe:

Guess what? Denver's a city now. And like many cities, there are lines. The Trader Joe's in Manhattan always has a massive line, and odds are, there will be lines in Denver for a long time to come too. But you know what? I stood in line for a whole 15 minutes, tops, and I've done that at Whole Foods and King Soopers a million times, it's just that the way the line is set up (one line for multiple cashiers) makes it look much worse. It's not that bad.
Are the lines outside of Trader Joe's a sign that Denver's a city now? What about the lines outside of Dunkin' Donuts when it opened, or Voodoo Doughnuts today? Are those a sign that while Denver may be a city, it's not a particularly big one?

What would you wait for?