Word of Mouth

Colt & Gray rolls out Monday prix fixe menu -- from the line cooks

On Monday Colt & Gray, 1553 Platte Street, will roll out a weekly, three-course prix fixe dinner for $36.

But there's a twist: The menu for that deal won't be constructed by chef-owner Nelson Perkins and chef de cuisine Brad Rowell. Instead, the heads of the kitchen will turn over creative direction to the line cooks, allowing their staff to craft the concept and execute the dinner.

Those cooks will take weekly turns as chef de cuisine for the deal, constructing courses and directing the line for their own menu. Which means that Monday nights will become a way for Colt & Gray to showcase the talent of the kitchen and give diners a chance to experience the creativity of up-and-coming chefs.

Hey, we were sold as soon as we saw "Seared Duck Breast with Sunchoke Puree & Fried Brussels Sprouts" and "Butternut Squash Flan with a Salad of Spinach, Figs & Chanterelles, Cider-Black Pepper Gastrique" on the first Monday menu.

And as a special bonus, bartender Kevin Burke promises pairings of "cool stuff" to go with the meal for under $20.