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Round two with Brad Arguello, exec chef of the Uber Sausage

This is part two of my interview with Brad Arguello, exec chef of the Uber Sausage. Part one of my chat with Arguello ran in this space yesterday.

Brad Arguello The Uber Sausage 2730 East Colfax Avenue 303-862-7894

What you'd like to see more of in Denver/Boulder from a culinary standpoint: I come from a bartending background, so I'd love to see more food and hand-crafted cocktail pairings. I lived in San Diego for the past six years, and a few of my buddies who started a company there called Snake Oil Cocktail Co. are doing some really cool shit when it comes to pairing craft cocktails with the full menu. Their drinks, created with everything from homemade pickled carrots to a tobacco-infused spirit, which is misted over one of their signature cocktails, are meals in and of themselves. These guys are becoming chefs in their own right in the libation world.