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CU Food and Environmental Justice Week serves up a full plate of activities

With all the great restaurants and the amazing farmers' market in Boulder, you sometimes feel like you're living in some food fairytale here. But when you don't jump down the rabbit hole, it's not hard to see how bleak the situation is around the rest of the world.

And it's particularly easy now, during the University of Colorado's Food and Environmental Justice Week. Events started yesterday with a screening of The Garden, which looks at how politics can divide people working on a community garden in Los Angeles.

Sponsored by CU-Boulder's Volunteer Resource Center, Environmental Center and Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement, Food and Environmental Justice Week has a full plate of lectures, screenings and other events. The most noteworthy is the Food Justice Fair, which will be held just outside the University Memorial Center tomorrow and will feature the fourth Buffalo Can Challenge, where groups will build sculptures (as in the picture above) with donated, non-perishable food going to help the hungry in Boulder County.

"There are so many amazing people on campus and in the community who are working on cutting-edge issues surrounding food access and environmental justice," says Anna Domenico, director of CU-Boulder's Volunteer Resource Center. "So it made perfect sense to organize this event to highlight the innovative things people are doing on campus and in the community."

For a complete schedule of events, go to the Volunteer Resource Center website.

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