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Reader: Bocadillo should rechristen itself Li'l Mouthfuls Lunch House

A lot has changed since Derek Dietz opened Bocadillo on a quiet street in Sunnyside in early 2012. The little sandwich shop immediately won fans, but then Dietz took a one-year hiatus to deal with a family emergency. And when he reopened Bocadillo last summer, it was with dinner added, as well as a liquor license. But one thing remains unchanged: the name.

Which basically means sandwich -- or "little mouthful." Is that a problem?

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Says TheFabulousMarkT:

I can see how the eatery's name, coupled with its aw-shucks, no-frills concept, would seem to present a bit of a contradiction to potential diners.

Therefore, may I humbly suggest they engage in a bit of translation and re-christen the place Li'l Mouthfuls Lunch House (or something akin)? It would seem to be much more along the lines of what they're going for...

And what is Dietz going for with the revived Bocadillo? Find out when Gretchen Kurtz's review is posted here later today.