Cafe Society

Candy Girls: Pop Rocks Milk Chocolate Bar

"Melts on your tongue, pops in your mouth"

First reactions: At first glance, the Pop Rocks Milk Chocolate Bar appears just like a Crunch bar. You can see what look like crunchy bits of rice buried inside the milk chocolate, but the truth of those innocent looking morsels soon becomes apparent once you take a bite. This candy really does have "a kick," just as the wrapper advertises. At first you don't really notice the pop rocks having an effect, but suddenly your whole mouth is filled with popping and fizzing mania! The bar is scored into three neat cubes.

Liz: It looks like a Crunch Bar. Aubrey: Agreed. Liz: There are three parts here. Should we find someone else to test with us? Aubrey: Ha ha, let's call Jonathan. Liz: He'll eat anything. Like Mikey! The Life cereal kid who was rumored to have died from eating a combination of Pop Rocks and soda. Aubrey: Oooo, I'll go buy a soda!

Taste: We go for both ways of eating this: chewing it quickly to make the Pop Rocks explode, and sucking down the chocolate so the Pop Rocks emerge more slowly. When you eat this bar, the popping sounds are distinctly audible to bystanders. This is certainly a case where taste takes a backseat to the novelty of eating chocolate-bar-encased exploding candy.

Aubrey: It's effervescent, just a nice little bit of fizziness. Liz: It's still like a Crunch Bar, but sparkly. And louder. Aubrey: It's fun! Only now it's getting stronger. Woah. Do you think the soda is doing anything? Liz: No, my stomach feels unexplode-y. Aubrey: I like it, but I think I'm done after the one piece. Jonathan:

Conclusions: Would we finish the bar? Yes, but it's much more fun to share. Would we purchase again? For kicks if nothing else. Rating: 3.5 out of 5

- Liz and Aubrey