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A Real Domestic Goddess

While researching Georgetown weirdness, I learned that one of the places I wrote about in my April 24 Bite Me column -- the Silver Queen bar and restaurant—once had none other than Roseanne Barr on staff in the kitchen, either as a prep cook or a sous chef.

To quote that ever-trustworthy source,, “Roseanne had a brief stint (early 1970’s) as a French chef’s assistant at the Silver Queen, the then premier French restaurant in Colorado, just outside of Denver.”

The spot that once held the Silver Queen has turned into the Georgetown Valley Candy Company. Roseanne, of course, soon got out of the kitchen, moved from Denver and created a niche in Hollywood as a Domestic Goddess. But she may be back, if she follows through on her threat to cook up some mischief at the Democratic National Convention. -- Jason Sheehan