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Reader: If you like chewy-ass dough, by all means go to Pizzeria Locale

While some pizza fans are still debating what makes a good Chicago-style, deep-dish pie -- and whether it's even possible to get one in the Mile High City -- others have moved on to the Neopolitan pizza at Denver's Pizzeria Locale, which Gretchen Kurtz reviews this week. The original Pizzeria Locale opened in Boulder in 2011, right next to sibling Frasca Food and Wine; Denver's version is designed as more of a fast-casual operation.

And diners give it mixed reviews.

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"Really yummy pizza," says Chella.

But then there's this from jrojasaboc:

Worst pizza I ever had in Denver. I live in this neighborhood. Go to Pie Hole or even Fat Sully's instead. The service is fast but the dough is undercooked at a mere two-minute cook time. Reminiscent of the Amy's Bakery featured on Kitchen Nightmares. So if you like chewy-ass dough and undercooked watery veggies and scant toppings, by all means go. Plus the limited green options is just crappy. I love arugula but come on!

Oh, and by the way: Frasca is one of my top five best restaurants.

Have you been to Pizzeria Locale in Denver? What did you think? And have you been to Pizzeria Locale in Boulder? How do they compare?

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