Openings and Closings

Parry's Pizzeria & Bar opens today in Highlands Ranch

David Parry -- a native of Syracuse, New York -- opened his first restaurant in Parker almost six years ago with a mission to bring Denver the New York-style pizza he loved and missed. That shop, a counter service joint, gave way to a second location in Castle Rock two years ago.

And today, Parry adds a third location to his growing mini-chain: Parry's Pizzeria & Bar opened its doors today in Highlands Ranch near University Boulevard and Highlands Ranch Parkway.

While it will continue to serve the pizzas, calzones and sandwiches Parry brought from his hometown, the new Parry's also diverges from the two other restaurants a bit. "We added things to the menu," explains Dick Zarba, a manager at the Castle Rock outlet. "And the new Parry's offers full-service all the time, plus we renamed all the pizzas after landmarks in New York" -- like the Five Boroughs and SoHo Veggie pizzas, Bronx Baller meatball sandwich and the Sox Suck Pie dessert pizza.

The renaming goes hand in hand with the dialed up New York emphasis at the spot; Parry installed a decor scheme meant to mimic the Big Apple, as well as cocktails themed for that city, too.

But while the menu is a decided homage to the East Coast, the beer list is more focused on the local scene: "We have fifty micro-brews on tap," says Zarba, adding that most of them come from Colorado breweries.

"We thought it best to make our new Parry's Pizzeria & Bar a mecca for micro brew enthusiasts," Parry wrote in a blog post on the subject. "This would be the perfect opportunity to bring a venue hosting a plethora of great craft brews to an area that literally has nothing like this within a 20 - 25 minute drive north."

And this won't be the last Parry's Pizzeria to toss pies: "We're hoping to open three more this year," says Zarba, all of which will be in the Denver metro area.