Word of Mouth

Deluxe Burger rolls out an expanded menu

Since it opened last February, Deluxe Burger has doled out a fairly basic menu of burgers, fries and shakes from its home next to Mod Livin' on East Colfax. But now it's expanding its offerings.

The inspiration? The Deluxe Little Orange Rocket, the very same food truck that's recently caused some consternation with neighbors, who didn't like the truck blocking the alley to the side of Deluxe Burger -- even though that strip of paving belongs to the Mod Livin' building.

But while that mobile kitchen raised a neighborhood ruckus (the situation is currently in mediation, with a resolution reportedly on the horizon), it also helped create a fan base that wanted the same goods in a more permanent establishment.

"The food truck's been really successful, and people kept coming in and asking for the same items," says Ella Trujillo, Deluxe Burger's manager. "So we decided to add them to our menu."

Thanks to the addition of several items from the truck's roster, the brick-and-mortar establishment's menu now has a more international bent. New dishes include the lamb flatbread sandwich, vegetable curry (as well as a few other rice bowls) and the ever-popular fried mac-and-cheese balls.

The new menu rolled out yesterday. For more information, dial 303-333-LOVE.

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