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Reader: Why do Denver chefs insult everyone from Yelpers to Food Network fans to people who want $12 a hour?

Every week in Chef and Tell, Lori Midson serves up a heaping helping of wit and wisdom from a local chef. Some work for big national outfits, some are struggling in their own tiny kitchens, but they all share a love of food -- and serving that food to Denver diners. This week's subject, Jared Brant, is the exec chef at the new Satchel's on 6th, where the much-traveled chef has found a home.

But Liz815sa didn't appreciate his comments -- or those of previous Chef and Tell subjects, for that matter:

Wow, the chefs interviewed for these spots never come off as likeable. Since moving to heavenly Denver and reading this column I have read chefs insult anyone who watches the Food Network, Yelpers, other chefs and now this guy bags on young persons who (gasp! how dare they) expect $12/hr. This is scarcely a living wage. Get over yourself Denver chefs. Let the food do the talking because you surely don't do yourself any favors.

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