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Chef and Tell, part two: Black Cat's Eric Skokan dishes on his required reading list, blood sausage and knives

Eric Skokan Black Cat 1964 13th Street, Boulder 303-444-5500

This is part two of Lori Midson's interview with Eric Skokan, owner/chef of Black Cat in Boulder. Read the rest of Lori Midson's interview with Skokan.

Favorite restaurant in America: Rincon Peruano in San Francisco. It's just a crazy place. For about twenty years, the chef and front guy -- just the two of them -- have been putting out wonderful Peruvian food every day in an eleven-seat restaurant lost in San Francisco's Latino neighborhood, the Mission District. There's a lot of quiet pride in that restaurant, which I greatly admire.

Best food city in America: I recently heard that it's Boulder, but my vote goes to San Francisco, because it's what a mature food city looks like. There are great restaurants at all levels doing really good food based on really good ingredients. There's not a lot of flashy showmanship, just a focus on making things taste great.