Patio of the Day

Hoof on the Roof: The Buckhorn Exchange

The people planning the Democratic National Convention are making a video showing the ten places that visitors shouldn't miss in Denver -- and today, they were filming at the Buckhorn Exchange. It's tough to imagine a more worthy tourist trap, since the Buckhorn is Denver's oldest eatery (founded in 1893) and possesses not only Colorado Liquor License No. 1, but a fascinating history full of such legendary customers as President Theodore Roosevelt and Buffalo Bill.

Most customers choose to dine inside, where they can sit by photos of some of those famed customers, while stuffed heads of many of the animals about to grace their plates look over the proceedings. But the Buckhorn also has a world-class rooftop patio -- it's just past that circa 1857 bar at the top of the stairs and strumming singer Roz Brown -- from which you get a very long view of the city's history. Special bonus: Light rail now takes you right to the door.

Buckhorn Exchange 1000 Osage Street 303-534-9505